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Rick & Sue

    I received this update from BWY. It looks like there will not be any new Tattoos available for awhile. If you were thinking about a purchase you had better act fast.

    ” News from Tattoo
    We received big news from Tattoo Yachts. As you know when Roger MacGregor retired his daughter Laura and son in law Paul Sharp brought new life to the MacGregor boat in their factory in Florida, calling the new boat the Tattoo 26. Unfortunately, Paul and Laura need to relocate as the current owners of the property have other plans for the building. The factory will close until they find a better location. Finding a new location will take time but they plan to let us know as soon as they have any news regarding future production.

    In other words, if you ever thought you wanted a new Tattoo 26 sailboat now is the time! Blue Water Yachts has only 2 of these fantastic new boats in stock left! One will be displayed at the Seattle Boat Show, January 23-Feb.1 2015, a discount of $2,000 will be given for the display boat! We are happy to take a deposit for these two boats now, no need to wait till the show. Both boats will carry full factory warranties, Tattoo Yachts is most definitely still in business and the factory will stand behind any boats they have sold or that are still in dealer inventory. Give me a call if you are interested and tell your friends!

    The first Tattoo 22 hull and deck have been pulled out of the molds, the company is very happy with the looks of the new boat so far! They are proceeding to work on the interior tooling. The Tattoo 22 will be much lighter so many smaller vehicles may tow it. As soon as a new factory is found they plan on continuing to put this new boat into production.”

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