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    Just curiosity, do you need a Chartplotter for this or only if you want the auto-pilot to follow a predetermined route?

    We have a Standard Horizon VHF with built in gps, a garmin handheld mapping gps, and my Galaxy Nexus with GPS and Navionics. My bigger plan was a 10″ tablet with Navionics, and I heard/read you can get USB to NMea and then I guess NMea to SeaTalk.

    Lastly since the helm on an X is nervous or tender how fine a course does it hold? Does it correct every full degree or 1/2degree or?

    Ok so the last lastly wasn’t the last. Who’s used a bungee or wheel lock? and practically speaking how many minutes is that good for?

    All these questions because we’re down to questioning every purchase over $100 right now so 2 boat bucks is a long way off.

    I’m glad yours is working well and I really like the helm drive vs donut or even Maritech(Vic Maynard’s) because we’d have to get a new pedestal and switch to rack n pinion when i just got my Rototech last summer.


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