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Rick & Sue

    Yes I did. Bought from WM. Installed myself. I love it. Still some issues with GPS and Auto disagreement about berings. I think I need to move the auto pilot compass a couple clicks to align it with the axis of the boat. All functions seem to be working. Auto followed a track from Wallace Island all the way into Montague Harbour on our last trip. The best feature though is to just hit the auto button and Gemini holds the course it is on while I do other stuff or just relax and keep an eye out for deadheads. A bonus feature is that I now have a wheel brake even when the auto pilot is not on. Before the slightest wave against the rudders would cause the wheel to turn. To keep a steady course I had to hold the wheel all the time. Now the rudders only move if I turn the wheel so if I am on a steady course I can let go of the wheel for a bit and only make small corrections as needed. Second best addition to boat, closely following full enclosure (which we haven’t had to use yet this year:-)

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