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Rick & Sue

    The final update, I hope. I have made the decision to go with the Raymarine EV200 Sport Pilot. I have investigated a gazillion retailers and the end result is I am going with Westmarine Canada. The problem with is the Canadian dollar exchange brings the price up to essentially the same as WM. I would save the taxes if I was able to get it across the border but legally there would be duty and taxes that would add up. It is beyond the duty-free limit. So…. Here is the bottom line.
    List $2229 + $290 tax is $2519. By joining the WM rewards gold I get a rebate of about $80 for a final price of $ 2447.77

    Other Canadian prices were $100-300 above Wm price. Steveston did offer a 10% discount for 3 or more units. West Marine suggested I contact their manager if I had 3 or more purchasers. I am guessing they would also be willing to give us a discount. Anybody interested? I want to make this purchase in the next week or two so let me know.

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