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    Thank you Alan for you help in input. The difference between high slack and actual slack for this area (boat passage) is definitely an interesting thing to consider and learn about. I was under the impression that approaching any pass at high or low slack would automatically put the boat at best crossing conditions, but this shows that is not always the case.
    I have seen previous comments on this boat passage on the Facebook group and saw the advise to transit boat passage at High Slack, but this seems to not really be the best time to transit. However the other thing i noticed is that even though the transit through the boat passage appears to be the best at 17:16pm and not high slack, the current is much stronger after one is through the other side (based on the Atlas Pictures as compared to the slack condition at 20:00)
    It would be interesting to actually be there and observe both of these times and film the conditions of the seas at boat passage and then compare them to this info.

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