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Regatta 2016

Over one third of our members attended this years Regatta in Blaine. Twenty Boats including long time members, brand new members and returning members enjoyed the festivities. Highlights included the race around the marks on Saturday in near perfect conditions, two delicious pot luck dinners featuring a wide variety of treats and the fun of our Safety Sail on Sunday.

Special thanks to members Todd and Cheryl of Blue Water Yachts for the informative dock talk on how to get your Macgregor around the marks and then using their dingy to coach both new and experienced sailors during the Regatta. They wanted to pass on the following hints for our members:

1)      Rudders tied in the down position when sailing.    There is a metal stop on the rudders which is meant to touch the rudder bracket when the rudders are all the way down.   If the cleat line can work its way loose then the rudder will not be tied down tight and will float aft.    When sailing with the rudders not tied down tight you will not be able to go upwind properly or tack.  There will be too much drag on the helm, and there is a big possibility you will break the rudder or the rudder bracket. (We’ll work on this at MacRendezvous in 2 weeks)

2)     Having the engine attached to the rudders will make a lot of drag on the helm and make it hard to turn the boat.  When the engine is attached to the steering you are adding the weight of that big motor to the stress of the water on the rudders and if those rudders are floating aft, well now it will be super hard to drive the boat.  Our custom steering kit will change all this and make it easy to steer the boat!

3)     I saw a lot of over steer, meaning turning the wheel all the way each way when trying to keep control while sailing.  When sailing the rudders want to be as straight back as possible as much of the time as possible, think of it as putting on the brakes if you turn the wheel all the way to the stops.  When the rudder is all the way over it is exposed at the side and adds drag, unless you are in the middle of a tack.  To tack the boat you will want to start with a slow turn of the wheel and finish with a full wheel turn if needed.

4)     Lastly, when going upwind the genoa needs to be brought way in, more than most boats we saw.  It is a lot of work to bring the sail in and I saw a lot of the ladies doing the grinding.  In my opinion the stronger of the couple should do this.  Ladies should try to drive more, it seems scary to most but really it is the easiest job.  Also the sheets need to be wrapped around the winch several times and then grind.  The other thing to do is time the tack and sheet all the way in before the wind fills the sail.  A fun thing to practice.

Thanks to all members who attended and brought the great food and attitudes to make this a great event. See you all in 2 Weeks at MacRendezvous on Bowen Island, June 3-5. Be sure to post on the website if you are coming so we know how many to expect and can plan for the Friday Wine and Cheese and Sunday Pancake Breakfast.


Thirteen member boats attended the Friday the Thirteenth Club Night. The minutes are now posted. Details were finalized for all the upcoming Cruises. Please post your attendance for each of the Cruises so we can plan flotillas, and let the marinas know how many are coming. The details are all online. I hope many of you can make it out to the Regatta in Blaine this weekend for the sail coaching, racing, cruising, safety sail, pot lucks and of course “dock parties”. For those of you who can’t make it we look forward to seeing you at some of the other events coming up.


The sailing has begun. The Not So “Foul” MacFoulie happened April 2. Come to this Friday’s Club Night to hear all the details.

Last month’s Club Night Presentation on PROVISIONING FOR CRUISES is now posted on the website here.

A New Poll on ANCHORS has just been added so tell us what kind of anchor you use.



Who knew there was so much information about anchoring. Avoid the information overload and come to the Club Night this Friday to learn what our members are using for anchors and how they set them up, deploy and recover them.

The meeting starts at 6:30 followed by the presentation at about 7:30. You can enjoy dinner, dessert, coffee or other beverages during the meeting and then enjoy the presentation and social time afterward.

ABC Restaurant
15373 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC
604 583 3228
Meeting 6:30
Presentation 7:30



New Procedures for Small Boat Reporting Beginning 2016

The details are in the News Release here After several phone calls it is now clear — sort of. The basic idea is the USCBP wants to collect $19 from you when you cross the border into the US – ON THE WATER. None of this applies if you trailer across so the good news is if you are trailering to the Regatta in Blaine or the Sucia Raft-up, you can stop reading now.


If you don’t want to go to the trouble of physically reporting to a recognized reporting dock Blaine, Bellingham, Point Roberts, Friday Harbor or Roche harbor, filling out the CBP form 1300 AND paying the $19 every time you cross into the US on the water, you need a Cruising License. EVEN IF YOU HAVE NEXUS. The license is free but the problem is you can only get it after you have crossed into the US on THE WATER, reported to a customs dock, filled out the CBP form 1300 and paid your $19. Definitely worth getting the license.

How to get your CRUISING LICENSE

The easy way – launch in Canada, cross the border into the US and report to one of the 5 designated reporting sites. Call the CBP to meet you, fill out the CBP form 1300, pay your $19 and then ask for a license and they will be happy to fill that out and give it to you.

The hard way – If you must launch in the US, there is a chance you could be required to fill out the form 1300 and pay the $19 to leave US waters (it is an Entrance and Exit form) although when I asked there didn’t seem to be an answer on how to apply to leave US waters. Maybe this means they will not be enforcing this part of the process?? When you do return to US waters, I am sure they will require you report for inspection and you can fill out the form, pay your $19 and then get your Cruising License.