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      Where the Salmon still are
      Site Admin, Mon Oct 26 2009, 07:29PM

      The last week of August my six fishing buddies and I took our two boats (not mine) up to Quatsino Inlet. We limited out on Coho, caught Springs and Pinks (great smoked). I caught the “Gretzky Fish” so named because it was 99 cm. Our scale wasn’t very accurate at that weight but we think it was in the low to mid 30’s (lbs that is).The Gretzky fish

      We stayed in a cabin owned by a local because our boats weren’t overnighters. Macgregors could find tons of happy hideaways to spend the night.

      To get to this happy fishing ground. Head up Island to Port McNeill. The turn off to Coal Harbour is just past the turn off to Pt. McNeill on the left. Coal Harbour has a launch ramp (used mostly by seaplanes) and adequate parking. The site was once an RCAF airbase for coastal reconnaissance during the war.

      Its a short trip to Quatsino Narrows which is best taken when not at max flood or ebb in our boats. One the other side is Quatsino Inlet a long and safe Fjord, beautiful scenery. Watch your fishing regs as different areas have different catch restrictions.

      At the mouth of the Inlet is Winter Harbour an incredible oasis for anchoring out and the only place for fuel in the whole inlet.

      If its calm you can fish for halibut in some of the well known holes out past the point and in open ocean.

      What to use? Well the fish take anything that looks edible but the real killer for us was a Purple Haze hoochie behind a purple haze flasher. When the bite was on, you couldn’t keep the fish off. We got so that if it was under 15 lbs we would not waste our catch limit by bringing it into the boat.One day

      Gotta love it.

      Author not in the photo but didn’t miss the fun!

      Re: Where the Salmon still are
      saynomore, Tue Oct 27 2009, 07:05PM

      With q catch like that you can start teaching fishing 101

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