Trolling for salmon

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      Trolling for salmon
      saynomore, Wed Jun 09 2010, 10:05AM

      To all members who where at MacRendezVous will be able to visualize this set up for trolling for salmon. Now I told you all that I would go out and try it and I did. I caught a small salmon in Port Moody following the Feed Line or Tide Line zig zagging in and out. Not 15mins into play, boom! wham! the line took off sideways, and rod took a strong bend. At first I thought I had caught weed… I’m good at that!!! specially while reeling in it was kind of a dead weight, then as the flasher got closer to the surface, I could see trailing behind a boootiful fish. Now panic set in, cause on an M there is not much room to move about, especially when twinkle toes (me) still had the bimini up… well I wasn’t thinking of catching a fish, I have history on these waters. so I pulled upwards looked at the fish, smiled, dropped some slack and he jumped off (I had no barb on my hooks and he was caught at the edge of the mouth… making it easy to escape.) Ok! my neighbour was on the boat with me so he can validate my fishing story and tell you how much he laughed watching me fumble about to make room to haul this Giant (12″ -14″) salmon
      The set up according to the Expert and TV personality fisherman Charlie White.
      Trolling for sailors:
      Slip weight 36″ before Flasher (he suggested Green) I used that long skinny gold and silver, then 30″ below the flasher that green-yellow glow spoon ( now I cheated here, I was told to tie the hook towards the flasher, but my line kept getting caught so I reversed it and tied a sliding knot on the hook), then tied the coho blue fly that I tied for the group at MacRendezvous 24″ down the line. Removed the barbs and tossed the mess in the water. now Charlie told me we can use this set up trolling to our destinations, shallow sailing around Island destinations, following shorelines, and Tide lines. It would be the perfect set up for us sailors with-out down riggers. However could also be used if we did have down riggers.
      The knots of the set up I used the Palomar knot for securing my flasher, spoon, and fly to my line, the sliding knot to extend my line from the spoon hook to the fly, and I tied the new improved clinch knot to test it at the hook side of the spoon.
      Season colours:
      Spring: Green-yellow, green silver, green-blue combinations (you can go late into summer with these set ups)
      Summer: Blue-White, Blue-Silver, Blue-Green-White.
      Fall: from late summer when fish stop hitting blue white combinations and the green-yellow start your red set up from weight down.
      A must in your arsenal: Wooly bugger size Mustad #6 and #8 (black, blue, Green, Red patterns), Coho Blue in same sizes, flaming pink francis same sizes, silver/gold thorn same sizes and include a #14, and #14 pink sockeye or pink eve.
      Tying flies is fun, a pass time on land and at sea. You can create your own flies and try them out. Go on internet and type in Saltwater Fly patterns and a whole new universe of opportunities will fill your screen.
      Now I got to get out and try the next part of trolling called Downrigger, with Anchovy, herring strip, hootchie, plug, bucktail set ups. Wish me luck!

      Re: Trolling for salmon
      Site Admin, Wed Jun 09 2010, 05:25PM

      Nice write-up Steve

      Re: Trolling for salmon
      saynomore, Fri Aug 20 2010, 08:20AM

      With the Coho running… and you say we are not catching anything on my set up. Well then, try moving or sliding the weight up the line 15-20 feet. This will allow more action on the flasher and spoon.
      Jigging apparently doesn’t work for coho. Trolling and down rigging, another is to tie a 6″ fly and let it waffle/wassle in the wake of you boat. no weights

      Re: Trolling for salmon
      saynomore, Sun Aug 22 2010, 11:00AM

      Sockeye do not go after Jigs like BuzzBoms, you need to troll or down rig. Use 3.0 hook. Some fishermen attach a pink wooly that they tie like eggs around the hook.
      give it a try. let me know.

      Re: Trolling for salmon
      saynomore, Sun Aug 22 2010, 11:06AM

      A bucktail is an 6″ to 8″ fly with a 3.0 hook. it has alot of sparkley thread with feathers either Red/white, Blue white, Green/white.
      The process of fishing with this set up is simple it floats at the far back of your wake, so just cast off as you make your crossing to the gulf Island, or Howe sound, or short hops to Gibson. Remember no weights, its movement is the wake and flow of the waves.
      It should be great for sailboats as their is no Zzzzz( no noise), if motoring keep it further back as your wake is longer.
      Give it a try, let me know.

      Re: Trolling for salmon
      Site Admin, Tue Aug 24 2010, 03:32PM

      We were just off the south side of Bowen. 5 to 10lb fish were everywhere jumping in great arcs out of the water. Sadly, I’d taken my tackle box home for the fishing trip up North (leaving tomorrow am). Did have the net and we optimistically held it over the side “just in case” but we weren’t that lucky.

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