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      Survival fish soup
      saynomore, Wed Sep 02 2009, 11:13PM

      Nothing like reading PY to bring back memories. I had this dish years ago in the Navy on a Pig boat while in training in Comox. The chef was preparing a midnight snack after catching a fish off the docks. I have added a multitude of combinations to this dish over the years but the basis is the same.

      1 small salmon, or fillet or streak per person
      2 small red or white potatoes per person (can substitute with a range of squashes cubed)
      1 small onion, diced or quartered per person
      1/2 litre of cold, salted water (or seawater) per person
      optional:1 can of clam nectar/ 1 cube of chicken broth/ 2 tbspn fish sauce
      Salt and pepper to taste.

      Once you have enjoyed the basic dish: try adding
      Chop (julienne strips) of sea weed
      Tomato paste (squeeze tube) or diced tomatoes
      celery, carrots and the list of vegies goes on.
      shrimp, clams, prawns, other fish

      the author prefers Yukon gold spuds
      boil water add clam juice if you have it, add spuds and onion (i like to fry my onions first in olive oil or butter) and bring to a boil. When spuds are done, remove and poach the fish on simmer (20min).
      If you are adding any vegetables add in last 10 to 5 min. of the poaching stage.
      Serve in a bowl add the broth then place fish with 2 spuds. Pour a glass of white wine and enjoy

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