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    Alan & Belinda

    MacShwap Meetup 2021 – updated
    Come join the MacShwap meetup on Mara / Shuswap Lakes this year. Enjoy some warm freshwater swimming and perhaps give that outboard a good rinse! Dates are Aug 27-30th.
    This cruise will start on Mara Lake and go into the Shuswap. You must lower your mast to go from Mara to Shuswap lake to clear power lines and bridge(s).
    Aug 27Travel and Launch. Overnight in Turtle Bay – Mara lake.
    Recommended boat launch is on Swansea point – Mara Lake. Lat & Long: 50.76695, -119.01654
    It’s advisable to launch with your mast down as there is no room for rigging at the launch. Rigging can be completed on the water at the Knutson family cabin, just around the point to the north of the boat launch, 653 Swanbeach Rd (50.77143, -119.01012) or in Turtle Bay.
    Moorage and parking can be expensive on the lakes in the summer. I’ve secured a discounted parking rate for the club of $12 a day (going rate is $25/day) for vehicle and trailer at Lake Life Storage & Boatworx. It’s 5 minutes from the boat launch and we can shuttle people as needed.
    The first night will be spent at anchor or rafted up in Turtle Bay. (50.77593, -119.03109) Alternate is on the south side of Black point in case of a storm from the north.
    Note – Alternate launching and moorage is available at many locations. Old Town Bay Marina is on Shuswap Lake Moorage is $50 per night and $25/day for parking.
    Aug 28 – Cruise to Bughouse Bay and overnight. Masts have to be lowered due to bridges and power lines for the last part of the Sicamous narrows to Shuswap lake.
    Bughouse bay is a nice, protected spot. It’s a unique area rich in history.
    Spend the night on anchor or raft-up? There is a marina with gas and C-store in Bughouse bay. About 6 hr cruise from Mara not including stops for swimming etc
    Aug 29 – Possible open day, relax and enjoy the day, explore, or continue cruising.
    Dinghy (4 miles) and hike at Albas Falls, dinghy (1 mile) to the pub/explore Old Seymour City. Swim, paddleboard, kayak….
    Aug 30 – Back to Mara Lake for departure if you choose or stay for a campfire / dinner on the beach at the cabin on Swansea point and last night on the boats. We have room for boats on ours and neighbours docks and mooring balls.

    Please note your intention to attend below so we can keep track of numbers.
    Alan and Belinda


    Caroline and Andy are interested.

    Doug AndersonDoug Anderson

    I would be interested. Depending on where the boat is I may launch at Magna Bay and could meet you at the start point. Is there parking for the truck and trailer at Old Town Marina. Their website is short on details.

    Alan & Belinda

    There is parking. Some of it is offsite. I’ll be getting more details on launching, slips and parking as we get a better idea of numbers, dates and itinerary.

    Rick Thompson

    Gemini is definitely interested. First thought on timing is in favour of warmer water but open to either suggested dates.
    On second thought, a little lake sailing in June would be good too. Either, or both?

    Doug & DonnaDoug & Donna

    Dee Seas is interested.

    Alan & Belinda

    Updated info above. RSVP to this thread. Gonna be fun. Look forward to seeing everyone on the lake

    Darren and LornaDarren and Lorna

    Windspiration is interested.


    If MacJager clan still be trailerable… we’ll be there!- and likely touring Harrison, Okanagan and Kal before/afte.
    Thanks for putting it all together!!

    Heather Clarke

    Aerwyna is interested

    Doug AndersonDoug Anderson

    Mya Scape will be there. I havn’t been in Turtle bay since I was 12 and that was 58 years ago. Does the bridge open at specified times or do you have to radio and request an opening. I am hoping that I have the boat in the water at Magna Bay.

    Alan & Belinda

    I never wait for the railway bridge to open. The highway bridge and multiple power lines in the area are all too close to call so the Mast always goes down. Plenty of room under the railway bridge at that time of year

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    Ken & Carole

    NautiMoments is interested. Probably take you up on the parking and launch at Swansea Point. Should arrive Friday Aug. 27 and leave Tuesday Aug 31. Never sailed the Shuswap, looking forward to it.

    UPDATE: Unfortunately it looks like we are not going to be able to attend due to a family event. Hopefully this event will happen again next year 😊

    Ken and Carole Downes


    We have yet to name our Macx! Ill check in with my mate about us attending !
    This sounds like a great adventure .
    Lisa Purcell

    Alan & Belinda

    Boat is in the water and ready to go for the year. I had a question regarding parking. There is no need to book ahead at Lakelife for parking. There’s lots of room up there.

    Neighbors have offered dock space and we can also beach or raft up on the mooring ball if necessary for the final night.

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