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    We are wondering if there’s interest in holding a Mac meetup on Shuswap Lake this year. None of this is definite, more or less looking for a show of hands. (and of course, restrictions permitting). All of this is just to spur some discussions. Of course open to ideas and suggestions.

    It could be held over an extended weekend (Fri – Mon).
    Possible option is launching at Old Town Bay Marina – Sicamous.
    Day 1 – Travel and Launch. Overnight on dock at Old Town Marina.
    Day 2 – Cruise and overnight in Bughouse Bay. Sheltered anchorage, Raft-up? There’s a marina with gas and C-store in the bay. There is the historic town of Seymour City nearby with a pub. 27 nm from Old Town
    Day 3 – Hike to Albas Falls or Margaret Falls on route to Anstey Arm or Salmon Arm. Swim to cool off!
    Possible night at Salmon Arm Wharf (40 nm from Bughouse) or anchor at any one of numerous spots up Anstey Arm, Shuswap etc or even in to Mara Lake
    Day 4 – Back to Old Town marina for the night or continue to Mara Lake for a campfire at the cabin on Swansea point and last night on the boats. Masts would have to be lowered due to bridge and power lines for the first part of the Sicamous channel to Mara lake. We should be able to make room for enough boats on the beach, surrounding docks and mooring balls. Those not wanting to do that could leave their boats at Old Town and drive (20 mins) to Swansea point.
    Shuswap Lake is on Navionics if you want to have a look.
    Also BC parks info

    A couple of possible dates have been identified.
    June 11-14 (Less crowds, better chance of wind. Can be cool and rainy, water is high so beaches can be limited or may be nonexistent, lots of debris on a bad year)
    Aug 27-30 (Busy, warm days, cooler nights and warm water. Sailing winds can be scarce but the best ‘summer at the lake’ experience).

    If there seems to be enough interest we’ll start looking at some details.

    Alan and Belinda


    Caroline and Andy are interested.


    I would be interested. Depending on where the boat is I may launch at Magna Bay and could meet you at the start point. Is there parking for the truck and trailer at Old Town Marina. Their website is short on details.


    There is parking. Some of it is offsite. I’ll be getting more details on launching, slips and parking as we get a better idea of numbers, dates and itinerary.


    Gemini is definitely interested. First thought on timing is in favour of warmer water but open to either suggested dates.
    On second thought, a little lake sailing in June would be good too. Either, or both?

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    Dee Seas is interested.

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