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    Alan & Belinda

      We are going to do the ‘Shuswap Macshwap’ again this year after having to cancel it last year due to the fire situation. Hopefully we’ll have a better year this time around.
      August 12 – 21 2022 ( new dates)
      The following is a possible itinerary.
      Day 1 Aug 12 – Launch & Meetup up.
      Either at our family cabin on Swansea Point (653 Swanbeach) or Mara Hills golf course dock. Mara Lake. (formerly Hyde mountain)
      We will be launching from the Swansea Pt boat launch on Mara Lake. ( Also known as Windsor Rd)
      There are a number of other launch options, including the town of Sicamous launch in the channel, Old Town Bay public launch. Parking is available near Swansea point at Mara Lake storage. It’s a 5 min drive to the storage yard at the end of Mara Heights Rd.
      Campfire on the beach at the cabin or dinner at Mara Hills golf course. The views are spectacular. They offer a shuttle up from their docks. We should be OK to stay on the docks overnight. If they make an issue we can go to Turtle Bay.
      Day 2 Aug 13 – Masts lowered to go thru the Sicamous channel and proceed to Bughouse Bay on the end of Seymour arm. Spend a couple days paddleboarding, exploring the area, Albas falls etc. Shuswap Lake provincial park extends 100m from shore and they charge $20 a night to anchor. Last year the caretakers were a little unreasonable about the 100 meters and we had to pay. Just a heads up.
      Days 3 – 7 Exploring the lake. Anstey arm, Salmon Arm, Blind Bay etc
      Aug 20 Anchor in Turtle Bay Mara Lake
      Aug 21 Depart

      We look forward to seeing you on the ‘shwap’

      Keep in mind that a ‘member cruise’ is not a club event and and the ‘host’ is simply extending an invitation to you to join them. You are welcome to join us for all or part of the time.

      Alan & Belinda

      Rick & Sue

        Count Gemini in. We would prefer the 7-10 day option. Early August is perfect for us.


        Linda and I will bring along Impulse. Presently, we are available almost all of August; however a 12th launching may work better if our son and family decide to visit us for the long weekend. We could be available for a total of 10 days.

        Doug & Donna

          Dee Sea’s will tag along for 2 or 3 days, just stay away from the long weekend!

          Alan & Belinda

            Updated the original post with more details

            Doug Anderson

              I will try to meet up with the group a day or two later. I am going to hike the West Coast Trail with my son and daughter July 30 to August 5. At 71 it will be a tough but doable trip for me. Mya Scape will be at Magna Bay in the Shuswap but may not be in the water. Might need a day or two rest. Will the group be monitoring channel 68 or another channel.

              Alan & Belinda

                Sounds like a great adventure. Channel 68 is good as far as I know. Cellular coverage is pretty good too except for the north ends of the arms

                Alan & Belinda

                  We’ve had to adjust our dates a bit due to family events etc but these dates are now firm for the MacShwap. Details have been adjusted above
                  Aug 12 – 21


                  Hi Alan and Belinda,

                  Unfortunately, Linda and I need to cancel our trip to Shuswap. We were looking forward to the usual sunny August weather, perfect swimming conditions and great company.

                  Wishing you all lovely weather and a great trip.

                  Alex and Linda

                  Alan & Belinda

                    We’ll miss you folks. Next time!

                    Doug & Donna

                      Donna and I also have to cancel, as the change in dates conflicts with a previous commitment.
                      Have fun, maybe next time.

                      Alan & Belinda

                        We’re a few weeks away and we look forward to seeing those that can make it. The lake is in great shape, warm waters and clear skies so far. 🤞


                        Hi Alan, Belinda. We’re hoping to make it for the first couple of days with our two friends Daren & Chris from the UK (plus our pooch Taco). They’re here for a couple of weeks and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want to spend half of it on a boat. I’ve not read all the posts and just wondering if there is going to be a zoom call for plans or anything. We have to boat back in the water on our buoy as of 29th with Carol & Taco spending their first night onboard on the 31st. Hope to see you soon.

                        Martin & Carol

                        Alan & Belinda

                          That’s great! No zoom or anything, pretty much everything is covered here and on the club Facebook page. With scheduling conflicts and damaged boats etc it looks lime we’ll have three boats for the first part of the week.

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