Okanagan Lake 2023 cruise idea in the making (what am I thinking 🥴)

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    OK, I hate organizing stuff but can’t help myself. I’m tentatively possibly maybe potentially giving the slightest of minimal slight thoughts to making an event appear on the horizon in 2023 on beautiful Lake Okanagan up here in the Okanagan Valley.
    Itinerary, ha, nope
    Dates, na ah, not yet.
    Put much thought into it, erm, what you see 🤔
    What’s here, well, there’s water which is a good starting point but starting at the Vernon end (probably) of the lake anchoring off of Kin beach (sand) plus an area to beach to boats. Then off to Fintry historical site anchoring off to climb 500 steps up to the water falls. Lots of regional parks along the lake and suitable anchorages. Kelowna under the bridge (masts can stay up) public docks but? Peachland for the greatest fish and chips (small public dock but can anchor off. Penticton plus historic Stern wheeler. There’s also a floating pub with food on the lake “somewhere” if it’s back up and running. Lots of wineries with at least one with a dock or wine tour bus could be done. Usually enough katabatic winds for morning and afternoon sailing on most days.(Trailer & vehicle parking can be arranged locally ish at my place 30 minutes away for free but no overnight trailer parking at Vernon end though paid storage facilities are very close like 5 minutes). There ya go folks, what do ya all think 🤔.

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    Sarah Johnson

    We think it sounds great. We will be interested depending on the dates as we have family in the Okanagan.

    Richard RobinsonRichard Robinson

    Sign me up. 2022 threw me for a loop and our Okanagan Lake trip didn’t work out. If I/we start planning 2023 soon then I won’t have any excuse.

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