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    Steve & Cathy

      Insprired by my BuddyOldPal, MacDarry that went fishing with out me… Still Luv’s yah!

      Sustainable harvesting, eating healthy.

      Catch or buy what you need, don’t waste, nor take for the trophy, let them spawn for future generations to feed and enjoy the fight that this recreational industry offers.

      So I got a handful of Schrimp, clams, scallops, a piece of cod and snapper.
      4 cups of broth
      dash of salt, pepper, 3 cloves garlic, dill, and taragone
      Cut up some celery, carrots, some mushrooms, bokchoy, leek (white and little of green) the rest of the stem… you guest it in the pot for broth with the rest of cuttings. one potato. You can add sea weed, but I didn’t have any handy… darn it!
      A dash of “Whattheheckisthisheresauce”
      3/4 glass of white wine… What do you do with the other 1/4… Dah! the chef has its privileges.
      Bring to a boil 5 min… simmer till you cant stand it anymore or the guest get there and start eating.

      Served with open cut french bread with butter, garlic and slices of cheese baked in oven pre heated to melt in 5 min.

      This is naturally bro-thy no thickening additives, you can dip your buns in it! Not those cute little buns, we don’t want a 3 rd degree burn on those little muffins 😉

      Elizabeth Gillies

        What kind of broth? Fish or can it be chicken?

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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