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    Looking to buy Motor for dingy
    Gemini, Tue Dec 25 2012, 04:21PM

    I just got the okay from Santa to get a motor for our 8 foot inflatable dingy. This discussion is my first step. I am looking for suggestions as to how big? What make? 4-Stroke? and where to purchase? I have very little experience in this area so am looking for advice. My thoughts so far is I would like it “light enough to lift” on and off the dingy/boat. Maybe 4-stroke to not have to mix oil/fuel and maybe a built in fuel tank. I am hoping there may be some deals? at the upcoming boat show. I look forward to all your suggestions.
    Gemini – 26M
    Suzuki 70 hp

    Re: Looking to buy Motor for dingy
    Windchime, Wed Dec 26 2012, 04:43PM

    Hey Rick,

    Congrats on getting the nod from the admiral to get a new engine for your tender!

    Here’s my two cents to add to your decision making process.

    1) Two stroke vrs. Four stoke.
    – 4 stroke. No mixing of oil, quieter, cleaner.
    2) Internal fuel tank?
    – Yes absolutely. No mess, cables, etc.
    3) Horse Power?
    – max your tender is rated for up to 9.9. (check on capacity plate)
    4) Brand?
    – Suzuki or Honda
    5) Other issues?
    – one with a transmission, so you have neutral (and reverse if 4hp or higher).
    – shaft length.

    What do we have now?
    – Mercury 2.2 hp 2 stroke.

    The good?
    – very light
    – internal fuel tank.
    – our tender is a Walker Bay 8 foot and weighs 71 lbs. and is rated to a max 2 hp engine.
    – enough speed/power to bomb around the bay and set crab traps, fish, etc.
    – easy to work on. Even I can rebuild the carburetor and do annual tune-ups and oil changes 🙂
    – bought it used, very cheap $300. Bought a second one for another $100 that I use as parts.
    – most importantly … its black, and matches everything else on our boat

    The Bad?
    – need to mix oil. sometimes add a little too much and burns blue
    – no transmission. neutral (turn off engine), reverse (turn engine around 360 degree steering), direct drive prop (turns as soon as engine is running)

    What would I buy now?
    – Suzuki, 4 stroke, 2.5 hp. (no reverse gear, but has forward and neutral) Most importantly it is black and matches the rest of the boat
    – Honda, 4 stroke, 2.0 hp. (no reverse gear, but has forward and neutral)
    – if we had a bigger tender, buy the max HP for the rating.

    Good Luck!

    Re: Looking to buy Motor for dingy
    Liverpool Lou II, Tue Jan 22 2013, 06:38PM

    My experience is this, if you want to go fast go for the maximum power, I do not want to go faster, thus Honda 2hp. Main thing for me is weight. I tried 5hp Honda and 6.5hp mercury, loved speed and hated getting the engine off the boat on the dinghy. Hated it so much that I bought 2hp. Think that you will have to get the engine on and off dinghy every time you anchor. Towing dinghy with engine on ducks, even on very short distamces.
    2 stroke versus 4 stroke, not a big deal if you are asking me research for the noise they make. My 2 hp Honda is air cooled and a bit too noisy, Peter’s 6.5hp mercury is 2 stroke and quieter. If you have choice go 4 stroke, you can use the same jerry can on your Mac.
    Built in tank, definitely yes, I love that.

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