Holy Crap not the Bermuda-Bahama Breakfast

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      Holy Crap not the Bermuda-Bahama Breakfast
      saynomore, Tue May 15 2012, 09:49PM

      Well Chef Extraordinaire Speedo Saynomore has out did himself again… With too much time after his surgery he took to a place of refuge… the galley…. and voila!!! another great if not fabulous, stupendous, and yes! yummy breaky:
      For over 50: 1/4C milk, for under 50 1/4C Water, for fussy teens and under 1/4C juice.
      *2 heaping spoonful of Quick Oats
      *1 Heaping spoonful of Holy Crap breaky cerial “Dragon Blend”
      *1 heaping spoonful of Musuelli
      1/4C chopped fresh pineapple
      1/4C chopped fresh Mango
      1/2 banana mashed
      1tbsp coconut
      1tbsp raisins or cranraisin
      if the wife is not looling 1/8C grade A maple syrop, if she comes in… smile and put the dish towel on the can of syrop and tell her to get away from the stove!!! hihihi it works everytime!
      in small sauce pan over medium heat cook 3 min’s or so.
      place content in cereal bowl, and mix with a fruit yogurt… I picked Peach this morning.
      And Voila! Bahama Breakfast.
      To get to Holy Crap Bermuda-Bahama Breaky…. add 1/2 once of dark rum…. HOLY CRAP! something can’t taste this good.
      For teens and under use Guava juice, or Passion juice. Keep the Rum for the papa!


        Re: Holy Crap not the Bermuda-Bahama Breakfast
        Windchime, Tue May 15 2012, 10:09PM

        Holy-Crap is right … that sounds amazing !

        My Westcoast boat breakfast usually consists of:
        – 2 packages brown sugar and cinnamon flavoured oatmeal, with a small box of raisons in it.
        – 1 large cup of bailies coffee (half and half)

        I’ll be knocking on your hull this Sunday morning

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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