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    Poco Marine has offered MYCBC Members the opportunity to Purchase Magnacharge 24DC 140 AGM Size 24 batteries at $195 + taxes and a 7% battery fee for a total of $232.05 each when a minimum of 6 batteries are ordered.
    Any member who can organize the purchase of at least 6 batteries should contact Pierre at Poco Marine, 1650 Kingsway, Port Coquitlam 604-464-8773 (
    If you are interested in the purchase please post here and if there are the required number an order can be placed.


    Please put Kensea down for Two (2). Do they refund the battery fee when it (they) are returned? I expect so.


    Am I the only one interested in the battery deal? :-O


    Looks like I’m going it alone on the batteries. 🙁


    If you can wait until next spring, I’ll be buying another battery for my boat. The discount kicks in at 6 batteries, so if we can find 3 more buyers we can get the discount.


    I may be interested in two for a Spring purchase


    Sounds good. I suspect that come spring we’ll have one more interested party. . .


    I’m reviving this thread. I’m interested in adding another AGM battery to my boat. I’m wondering if we might be able to get a virtual “boat show” deal at the Vancouver boat show if we have a group purchase. Is anyone out there interested?

    Otherwise, we can probably get the original offer from PoCo Marine.


    Note that I am interested in at least two, if not three, batteries. I missed last year’s deal some how. Please include me in this year’s efforts. Thank you.


    I don’t think it’s the same battery. The ones we purchased last year were AGM, not lead acid. I think the one in the link you provided is lead acid (but it’s tough to tell from the photo).



    Yup, you were someone that I thought of when I revived this. I’ll make sure to keep you in the loop.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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