GAlley Chef's scramble eggs.

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      GAlley Chef’s scramble eggs.
      saynomore, Mon Jun 04 2012, 12:10PM

      How do I get my scrambles eggs to be so big and fluffy:
      Wells Chef Speedo (for short)
      1 get air in those eggs you toss them pan.
      I melt the butter in the pan first, and slowly coat the whole pan with the egg mixture.
      With my spatula I roll the eggs to center not flip them till I get a good base in the middle then start flipping over as I want some moiture left in the egg as it keep cooking while on serving tray.
      Secret with my french toast: It’s a quebec secret I add maple syrop while blending my eggs then let the bread soak up all the good stuff.
      From The MYCBC Galley bon appetit!

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