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    Steve & Cathy

      fly rod 9 weight. I find it too tight-stiff. I like 7 weight, i think it give it a fair fight, if fish are biting all I need is one on the table and it will feed me for several days in a range of seafood recipes.
      I will cheat with my hook #4 Bent, tie my fly hooks up side down with the help of weighted eyes. This way the barb less hook with set in the upper jaw with less chance to free itself, the lower lip is soft and the hook will tear through.
      The leader will be tied an open loop vs tight to the eye of the hook, this will allow more action, movement on the fly and an added edge in catching fish.

      Coho: August late summer, fickle about lures. Colours: blue (mid to dark with purple when overcast) Orange red, green, yellow, bright colours with clear flash in sunny days

      Sockeye / Pinks (odd years): prefer smaller hooks, bait and lures.
      Colour: red, pinks, clear sparkle. Orange, clear and white. Bright pink and sparkle. Pinks like Red, Pink, Green, and blue with white bellies. Pinks like calm water vs fast water

      Chinook: Attracted to flash colours that imitate herring, anchovies, needle fish, pilchards. Colours: green, chartreuse, blue, purple, black, chrome, and silver. Red beads at eye of hook, or several along body of hook. Pink and black, green and silver, black and chrome, Red-Pink-White,clear and glow.

      Chum: October November and into December. This is a smoking fish with spices and herbs. makes good Indian jerk candy. Feeds on plankton, so it will take small hooks. Colours with a glow, purple, blue, red, pink, black.

      Halibut: bottom of ocean, off of deep cliffs and ravines. Lures: flashy for great depths. Big hooks and heavy lines: White and glow, chartreuse-blue-green w/UV glow, green-blue, add real bait or scent to encourage the presentation and attract the Halibut.

      Rockfish/Lingcod: fish found in depths of 60-180ft, Colour: chrome to be added as secondary colour. Red, black, purples. On sunny days they will rise and fishing from top of water: green, chartreuse and blue.

      Note: on Dull days add glow, chrome, gold, silver , translucence,. and UV. Bright days glow and UV

      I like to use while sailing is a floating line, with a slow sinking line. This also keeps my rod ready for river fishing as we move up coast lines with rivers pouring into the ocean on salmon runs.

      Also keep a look out for herrings pods at surface of water, toss your line overboard and sail around the pod as the big fish are most likely circling around the pod.

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