Fish Taco's of the Strait.

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      Fish Taco’s of the Strait.
      saynomore, Sat Jun 16 2012, 01:14PM

      What happens if you catch some of that white fish in the strait…. omg watdoIdo with that spiny thing…
      1. Don’t fret… cut and gut. make a tent foil like I showed you at MRVs 2012
      place on barby… foil puffs up bbq for 12min. take off, peel skin, bones seperate. take flesh, in nice big lumps and put in a bowl. feed the ocean with remains, crab will love you!!!
      In Wok… all boats should have a wok, quick easy meals, low cooking time, mean easy on fuel.
      place peppers, onion, garlic, mushrooms, celery and spices, celery salt, cummin, paprika, little curry, chilli pepper and wok til onion become a little golden on edges. Toss bowl of fish in veg and spices and wok 2-3 min bringing all flavours together.
      Kill heat, grab taco shell, or pita place cheeze and avocado little salt/pepper and spoon fish and veg ontop, roll and stuff your self… Oh need a crunch! take nacho chips, crush in your hands and sprinkle on veg & fish just before serving.
      Bon Appetit!!
      Galley Chef Speedo Saynomore

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