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      Dogfish anyone!!!
      saynomore, Thu Sep 03 2009, 01:02AM

      Don’t tell me you haven’t caught a dogfish. Don’t lie you clobbered it and tossed it back.
      The brits hate you for that… they use it in fish and chips.

      Step one: as dogfish dont have kidneys, must fillet asap or flesh will taste like urine unless you soak it in milk.
      Better still just fillet as you catch it: make 2 incisions behind the head, run the knife along the backbone (cartilage) with knife or pliers peel skin off the back fillet.
      you can keep the fins to dry first soak in ocean salt water and hang to dry, then you can make chinese shark fin soup. (PS during a raft-up, you may find yourself adrift in the morning if you hang the fins to dry)
      Discard the rest and feed the crabs.

      Marinade the dogfish fillet in
      1 cup orange juice ( no juice go ashore an collect blackberries enough to squeese a good cup of the juice)
      3 tbsp soy sauce
      3 tbspn sugar
      Marinade for 1hour.
      then bake in its juices for 40 min at 350degreesF

      Garnish with oranges or blackberries, sesame seeds
      Serve with green salad, and glass of gewertzamener

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