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      Crossing Georgia Strait
      Vern, Sun Jun 02 2013, 11:20PM

      Hello, I am new to the site but not a new Macgregor owner. I have sailed my 26S since 2003. Spent many days and weekends in Harrison lake. Also sailed up from Crescent Beach to Granville Island and back down. Can or should a MacGregor cross the Strait of Georgia from Vancouver to Naniamo? What should I expect when crossing?

      Re: Crossing Georgia Strait
      saynomore, Mon Jun 03 2013, 04:43AM

      1. do your sail plan.
      I usually plan to arrive at sylva bay at slack 3 31/2hr crossing from English bay, if the day is young and the admiral is not tired we will complete the final treck to Nanaimo on the outside, or if we hit slack in early day we will cross the passage and get to Nanaimo basking on the flood among the scenery of the gulf islands.
      On your way out if weather changes or winds to strong for you, there is always gibsons to hide away till better weather.
      Crossing the strait has always been on one tack avg 5-8 knots under sail and current

      Re: Crossing Georgia Strait
      Vern, Tue Jun 04 2013, 01:52AM

      Never thought to look for the tides for this trip, expected to watch tides when heading into a pass (Acvtive Pass or Poirlier Pass.) Thank you.

      Re: Crossing Georgia Strait
      Gemini, Tue Jun 04 2013, 08:39AM

      Hello new folks, You might want to consider joining the MYCBC on our next trip across Georgia Strait. The $30 annual membership is cheap for all the learning and fun that is available. It is reassuring to travel with boats that have done the trip before. Check out the postings for the Rear Commodores Cruise to Saltspring Island June 28 to July 1st. I was a new owner just 3 years ago and traveling with the club has been a great learning experience. Also at our next meeting June 14 we will be learning about all the launch ramps available for our Macs to use.
      Rick Thompson

      Re: Crossing Georgia Strait
      Vern, Wed Jun 05 2013, 11:49AM

      I thought about joining the MYCBC. Unfortunately every meeting and cruise is scheduled on days that I work this year.

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