Commodores Greek Salad

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    Commodores Greek Salad
    saynomore, Sun Jun 08 2008, 12:42PM

    This receipy travels wells, and blends in well with a range of meat, fish, hard boiled eggs or just as is.

    1 lg White Onion – sweet onion will do to
    1 english cucumber
    1 ea. Green, red, yellow, orange pepper
    1 vine of mini tomatoes, or 2 vine medium tomatoes, or 4 roma tomatoes
    1/2 cup of diced Greek black/dark (kinda brown reddish) olives
    1/2 cup of diced Greek green olives (hard to find can use big pitted green italian)
    1 Greek natural or authentic salad dessing. Mix all ingredient the first time with about 2/3 cup and reserve the rest till just before you serve the salad or all will be to wet and muchy)
    1 cup of fresh Feta cheese.

    Dice all including cheeze into 1/2″ bite size pieces.
    Don’t add salt… Greek olives is your salt source.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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