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      Clam-neptune bake
      saynomore, Thu Sep 03 2009, 12:21AM

      Could not send the fleet to a Raft-up without this reciepy
      Using a 16quart pot this will serve 6 sailors
      3 dungeness crabs(cleaned and halved but not cooked)
      3 dozen clams
      3 dozen mussels (no mussels add more clams or prawns)
      1 ring kielbasa or linguica cut up in one inch lengths
      24 small red potatoes
      4 ears of corn cut into 1″ – 2″ rings
      6 cans of beer 1cup of fish or chicken bouillon (or 3 beers & 3 cups clam cocktail plus chicken broth)
      or 3 cups of white wine plus 3 cups of chicken boullion
      bunch of chopped basil or parsley
      3 teaspns of Italian herbs
      8 peppercorns

      Bring broth to a medium boil
      add spuds and sausage
      boil 5 min
      add crab, boil 10min
      add corn, boil 5 min
      add clams, mussels, or prawns or other chunk/cube seafood boil 5 min.
      discard clams and mussels that did not open.
      serve in bowl with fine red wine, sauvignon blanc, beers and french or sourdough bread

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