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    Rick & SueRick & Sue

    Gemini and Saynomore started to plan this cruise last year but put it on hold due to health and Covid issues. We plan to make the Cruise this year. We plan to leave the Commodore’s Cruise at Ganges Marina, Saltspring Island July 4 and head north to the Broughtons. Our plan is to be back for the Past Commodore’s Cruise in Bellingham July 31 – Aug 2nd. We have not developed a sail plan for the trip yet. We have discussed travelling through Seymour Narrows or maybe the Discovery Islands. We are looking forward to the February Club Night Presentation by Alex Boronowski to get his thoughts on the route he took as part of his voyage around Vancouver Island in 2020. We have identified several locations in the Broughtons that we would like to visit but not the specific direction of travel to get to them. If you are interested in the locations, they are plotted on the MYCBC Interactive Map under the Resources Tab. Be sure the Broughtons 2020 box is checked.
    If you are interested in joining us, you can post below any questions or comments.

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    I hope all is well next year for your great adventure. In 2018, I towed the boat to Port McNeil (PM) in order to spend more time in the Broughtons. On the Interactive map in PM is the name of a fenced storage area for keeping your vehicle and trailer. The advantage is only 1 day to reach PM where we slept in the boat in the storage area and next morning launched into an unforgettable holiday. The Port McNeil Harbour Authority runs a nice marine with an excellent launching ramp. PM is a great town for food supplies, fuel and marine services. If you find yourselves tight on time, then this quick access to the Broughtons may be worth considering.

    I think almost every Coastal Cruising guide will discuss tides, currents and wind directions when transiting Johnston Strait or running the Yuculta, Dent, Green Point and Whirlpool rapids along the “Back Route”.

    I referenced Dream Speaker’s Cruising Guides, Waggoner Crusing Guide, and Sailing Directions. I have only cruised the Johnstone Strait from Sunderland Channel northwestward. The article, “Tackling Johnstone Strait” in the July edition of Pacific Yachting discusses the route from Discover Passage to Sunderland Channel and beyond. A great read especially on a rainy day like today!

    Rick & SueRick & Sue

    I started the Passage Plan. My first thought was to look at the chart for the “TIDE GATE” at Seymour Narrows. Scared the crap out of me. I’m used to the flood and ebb current arrows but this is ridiculous. Not only do they go in opposite directions. They go around in circles and everywhere.Check out the attached picture. Not only that but the flood arrows point south and ebb arrows point north. After calming myself and reading the Sailing Directions and remembering that Captain Vancouver did it without charts, sailing directions and current stations I decided that we could to. All we have to do is make sure we hit slack right on. So here we go.
    The first leg. Ganges Marina depart July 4 to Race Point arrive for slack changing to Ebb July 6 at 1652 (aim to arrive earlier for safety margin).
    Option 1 (dependant on no NW winds in the Strait
    July 4
    0900 Depart Ganges 7 nm to Active pass
    1000 enter Active with +2 kt flood current
    1030 exit Active Pass with Flood current to Smuggler Cove 46nm (8-10 hr)
    1700 – 1900 arrive to anchor Smuggler Cove
    July 5
    0900 Depart Smuggler
    1700-1900 Arrive Copeland Islands (anchor) 45nm or Cortez Bay 50nm (anchor)
    July 6
    1130 Depart Copeland/Cortez 22nm
    1630 Arrive Race Point for Slack to Ebb (north) at 1652

    Option 2 if NW winds in Strait
    July 4
    0900 Depart GAnges for Dodd Narrows 27nm
    1400 arrive Dodd for slack to Ebb (south)
    1700-1900 Arrive Nanoose Bay or French Creek
    July 5
    0900 Depart Nanoose/French Creek for Comox 30-35nm
    1500 Arrive Comox Marina
    July 6
    0900 Depart Comox for Race Point 35nm
    1630 Arrive Race Point for Slack to Ebb (north) at 1652

    need to add time a locations for fuel stops.

    Its a start and not written in stone.

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    Cats Cradle

    Hi all we are very interested in this trip. We live in Courtenay and our boat is moored in Comox.

    Signed Jan and Cat

    Cat’s Cradle


    Dragnfly wants to join you to the Broughtons, provided we are able to cross the border. We will have had the vaccine by then so hopefully we can cross with that proof.

    Peter & LydiaPeter & Lydia

    I hope that 2021 will finally be our year for this trip. I’m thinking to follow Alec’s advice and launching in Port McNeil. My reasons are as follows: it will be faster to trailer (the reason for a McGregor), weather will not be a big factor, and we can gunkhole a little longer. Now here’s a wrinkle: the mast is temporarily going into the back yard. I hurt my back last March and I don’t want any isues raising/lowering the mast. ( I will have some sort of pole up though, for the VHF and the MYCBC burgee) Once the rest of the fleet arrives, we will rendezvous at that time.

    Heather Clarke

    Aerwyna is interested in this trip. Although, may not be able to take as much time out on the water as Gemini and Saynomore. Going out of Port McNeil may be an option for us

    Heather and Alvin


    I gotta be on the organ bench July 11 as Bishop(our former Rector) will be presiding and I can’t take that Sunday off… but will try to coordinate trade offs with co-owners or Ken/Carole

    MacJäger hopes/plans to join!!
    Mover – bring your mast and I’ll rig it if I can!

    Steve & CathySteve & Cathy

    Trip to the Broughtons
    July 4th
    0600 Reed point Marina: Ebb 3kt SOW 5kt
    0650 2nd Narrows: Ebb 2kt SOW 5kt (hope for once no train)
    0745 1st Narrows: Ebb 2kt SOW 5kt
    0930 Pt Atkinson – Red Bell Buoy Ebb 2kt
    Georgia strait: Change to Flood 0957 current0.5kt, waves 0.5kt. Winds: SE from 2kt -to- 6kt by 1500
    Possibly Meet up Gemini 1300-1330 before Merry Is/Lighthouse
    1500 -1515 Secret Cove on tail end of a flood

    July 5 sail alongside Gemini with his billabong
    0900 Depart Smuggler
    1700-1900 Arrive Copeland Islands (anchor) 45nm or Cortez Bay 50nm (anchor)
    July 6
    1130 Depart Copeland/Cortez 22nm
    heading opt 1 Seymour narrows or opt 2 Race point

    Mover: on or before the 8th: Port McNeil – Telegraph Cove
    Gemini & Saynomore: ETA the 9th: Telegraph Cove (gas-only fuel dock)

    In Broughton Archipelago 2 weeks
    Return with Gemini:
    26th we stay in Blind Channel area
    27th pass through Dent and Yaculta rapids 1400 for slack turning to flood exact timing still to be recalculated several times before being written in stone. Then on to Desolation Sound for the night
    28th rest and relax/recover in Desolation Sound
    29th travel 52 nm to Smuggler Cove
    30th The Split up on the strait, Saynomore for Reed Pt
    Gemini continuing for Pender… will saynomore need more sea time wait and sea as this leg of the story unfolds
    Smuggler cove travel 53 nm to Otter Bay through Active Pass slack 1610 arrive 1730

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    Cats Cradle

    Hi there – what is the difference between the red and blue tear drop markers on the interactive map?

    Steve & CathySteve & Cathy

    One color was Alex last year
    and the red was Rick and I last year
    this year once we are together we will decide what is important to us.

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