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    As of today June 24th 2020

    POCO Marine on ROCNA
    Members Price on 10KG is $345
    Pierre has offered us a one time bulk order of 5 anchors min. @ $335 each
    Once we past the deadline of the order prices go back to members rate of $345

    We have secured discounts of 10% on their anchors
    Super SARCA 9KG $304.05
    SARCA EXCEL 9.5kg $328.97
    John is waiting confirmation tonight from NZ on a discount of 15% one time only – limited time on their regular priced anchors. We would need to meet a bulk sale of min. 6 anchors. we can mix and match the different types and weight to achieve our bulk volume.
    Their is a shipping fee: but if we have someone on the Island that can pu the anchors on their way back to mainland that could eliminate this fee or if someone knows of a cheap courier service Island to Mainland that could work also
    SArca video’s on you tube: S/V Panope video #56, 32, 71, 73, 63, 19

    John has offered if club is interested to give a presentation on one of our zoom meetings. I will put this forward to the Commodore.

    If you are ready to purchase a new anchor please let me know. ASAP

    MYCBC members working together to save while we sail. Your membership at work for US

    Ron GilliesRon Gillies

    Speaking of anchors, I’ve got a spare Lewmar Delta 6 kg./14 lb anchor if anyone is interested. Steveston Marine $263, Binnacle $199.95. It’s yours for $100.

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    I have $100 here for you!


    UPDATE June 28, 2020
    SARCA ANCHORS – Ground Tackle Marine

    One time offer on bulk sale of min, of 6 anchors (mix and Match Style ( Excel or Super) and Weight ( suggested weight for max 9KG will do.for Mcgregor 26.

    DEAL; 15% off on anchors. plus tax and shipping. (Shipping I will ask members on Island to pick up anchors and bring them to my place for pick up. American and Alberta members will wait till borders open, but they will be safely stored)

    Club needs to make a deposit of 25%. I still need to talk to Kelvin on setting a payment strategy for out of town members. Locals can do a fund transfer to me.

    Excel Sarca 9kg: Galvanized REG$361.87 Disc: 314.67 tx 37.76 Ship(?)
    Super Sarca 9KG: Galvanized REG$334.35 Disc: 290.83 tx 34.90 Ship(?)
    Right now they have in stock 4 of each, anymore will have to wait till shipment arrives from Australia most likely September
    DEADLINE July 15TH
    After deadline we have secured for individual purchases of 10% Go to Groundtackle marine for products and prices.

    POCO Marine
    POCO Marine on ROCNA
    Members Price on 10KG is $345
    Pierre has offered us a one time bulk order of 5 anchors min. @ $335 each
    Once we past the deadline of the order prices go back to members rate of $345
    I need to Provide Pierre the (min 5) members names to secure your price if you go To the store. Out of town members we will arrange a full payment to the club and I will pick up and store the anchors.

    Ron GilliesRon Gillies



    I’m definitely in on an anchor, it’s just a question of which one. I’ll probably go with the one that the the majority chooses.


    We are also looking to buy an overnight mooring anchor.
    Also not sure what is best type to get. We already have the standard one that came with the boat (6kg?). So put us on the list too.
    Most t sea. Dan and Alice Davies.


    Daniel you are number 4 on a SARCA, when we have 6 members I will contact you


    Hi Steve,
    Am I on the Sarca list? If the Sarca is what people are going for then please put me down for one of those.
    Thank you,



    The supra sarca looks like it is uprighting when you pull it up?
    Is this better?




    Ok Steve. After the storm this evening I’m in for one.


    Hi everyone
    Alice read on a forum comparing super sarca to rockna that the supra sarca’s feature that allows you to de-anchor easily also makes it prone to coming lose if boat swings around in middle of night. Also slit makes it less strong and prone to bending.
    Not saying we don’t want one just wondering what you guys think?
    We will try to locate the forum link and send it.
    Sorry don’t mean to rock the boat(no pun intended lol).


    You can install a bolt in the slot if you want to.


    Here is a good thread discussing Sarca anchors:



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