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I started the Passage Plan. My first thought was to look at the chart for the “TIDE GATE” at Seymour Narrows. Scared the crap out of me. I’m used to the flood and ebb current arrows but this is ridiculous. Not only do they go in opposite directions. They go around in circles and everywhere.Check out the attached picture. Not only that but the flood arrows point south and ebb arrows point north. After calming myself and reading the Sailing Directions and remembering that Captain Vancouver did it without charts, sailing directions and current stations I decided that we could to. All we have to do is make sure we hit slack right on. So here we go.
The first leg. Ganges Marina depart July 4 to Race Point arrive for slack changing to Ebb July 6 at 1652 (aim to arrive earlier for safety margin).
Option 1 (dependant on no NW winds in the Strait
July 4
0900 Depart Ganges 7 nm to Active pass
1000 enter Active with +2 kt flood current
1030 exit Active Pass with Flood current to Smuggler Cove 46nm (8-10 hr)
1700 – 1900 arrive to anchor Smuggler Cove
July 5
0900 Depart Smuggler
1700-1900 Arrive Copeland Islands (anchor) 45nm or Cortez Bay 50nm (anchor)
July 6
1130 Depart Copeland/Cortez 22nm
1630 Arrive Race Point for Slack to Ebb (north) at 1652

Option 2 if NW winds in Strait
July 4
0900 Depart GAnges for Dodd Narrows 27nm
1400 arrive Dodd for slack to Ebb (south)
1700-1900 Arrive Nanoose Bay or French Creek
July 5
0900 Depart Nanoose/French Creek for Comox 30-35nm
1500 Arrive Comox Marina
July 6
0900 Depart Comox for Race Point 35nm
1630 Arrive Race Point for Slack to Ebb (north) at 1652

need to add time a locations for fuel stops.

Its a start and not written in stone.

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