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I hope all is well next year for your great adventure. In 2018, I towed the boat to Port McNeil (PM) in order to spend more time in the Broughtons. On the Interactive map in PM is the name of a fenced storage area for keeping your vehicle and trailer. The advantage is only 1 day to reach PM where we slept in the boat in the storage area and next morning launched into an unforgettable holiday. The Port McNeil Harbour Authority runs a nice marine with an excellent launching ramp. PM is a great town for food supplies, fuel and marine services. If you find yourselves tight on time, then this quick access to the Broughtons may be worth considering.

I think almost every Coastal Cruising guide will discuss tides, currents and wind directions when transiting Johnston Strait or running the Yuculta, Dent, Green Point and Whirlpool rapids along the “Back Route”.

I referenced Dream Speaker’s Cruising Guides, Waggoner Crusing Guide, and Sailing Directions. I have only cruised the Johnstone Strait from Sunderland Channel northwestward. The article, “Tackling Johnstone Strait” in the July edition of Pacific Yachting discusses the route from Discover Passage to Sunderland Channel and beyond. A great read especially on a rainy day like today!

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