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Steve & Cathy

    Ok I am back… PS I can hear Ron shouting from his home… Too much verbiage. All I can say in my defense we got 10 more months to go :-}
    March:P34: Exploring the Coast – Cruising with your guide books on board… You wake up, you want to sail away, open your cruising guides and pick a anchorage. pick 2 destinations, check your weather, tides and currents… and go. For beginners open your guides, and pick a place new for a 2 night getaway one on the hook, the other marina to start off exploring our coast. A good book by Frieda VanDerRee 1979 Exploring the coast by boat. Good info for the Discovery Islands. In this story They leave Campbell River Marina to drop anchor at Birds Cove – Evans bay, Read Is. Then moved on to Lake Bay, for a hike to Rosen Lake for a fresh dip. Down Sutik Ch on Cortez to Mansons Landing (west side) to gather sea asparagus for dinner with Black Berries. The Discovery Is, known for Clams, oysters, crab, prawns, and fishing. A nice hike will get you to Hague Lk for a swim. On the next trek to Gorge Harbour enjoy the red pictographs in the tight pass on your way to the resort marina or hook in warm waters.
    NOTE: Discovery Islands on my bucket list to adventure and explore.
    P31 Destination: Gunkhole James Bay, Prevost Is. Gulf Islands. Their is a gravel beach, O’Rielly Beach, and offers good hiking to Peile Pt. or in opposite direction to Shelby Cove.
    P122 Destination: Todd Inlet, next to Butchart Gardens. Good anchoring, swimming, hiking, and entertainment in the Gardens.
    APRIL: P20 interest: Galley: Veloute a basic butter sauce.
    P68: Interest: Fishing Halibut.
    May: P22: Galley: Flatbread, 3c flour, 1 1/2c yogurt or milk, 1Ts baking pwdr, 1/4c water, 1TB honey, 1 1/2ts salt, 1ts soda pdr, 1tb veg or olive oil. P29: Destination Crofton on VanIsle across from Saltspring – Osborn bay for warm swim, Osborn Pub, and Brass bell pub further in town, 3 small docks including Crofton Wharf. Call ahead.
    JUNE: DESTINATIONS: VESUVIUS on West Saltsping, Gov dock and gunkhole, a little hike in and around town.
    JULY: P30: Destinations: Roche Harbour, San Juans. all amenities, including touristic hikes. Expensive moorage. P20: Galley: Pork Burger with Paprika, thousand Is dressing, mayo, ketchup. Serve with grilled sea or local asparagus saute in blasamic and Montreal steak spice. P68: Topic: fishing – Down rigger ball set up.
    AUGUST: P34: Destinations: Saltspring: 3 gems in Sansum Narrows, Vesivius (public dock) Burgoyne Bay (not good in wind), and Mustgrove Landing (hard to find docking. Worth a day or two of exploring. P44: Interest: PUBS Ahoy – 1 Dinghy dock NewCastle Is., 2. LightHouse pub Saturna Is (use gov dock), 3. StoneHouse pub, Canoe Cove, Swartz bay. 4. Cowichan Bay Pub, off of Fishermans wharf, you can even buy fresh prawns right off the dock. 5. Moby’s Pub, Saltspring. Shipyard Rest&Pub Maple Bay, Maple Bay Marina. Note if I Have 2 weeks Peter and I could add to the PUB list.
    P52: Destination the Broughtons: as we just covered the area I didn’t take notes. But for the Adventures, prepare well for this trip, it is really worth it. And I know I will revisit the area in the future
    P28 Destinations: Conover Cove on Wallace Is. good nock and holding, place to swim and hike.

    End of Chapter 2 of the sea-novel.

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