2021 Year End Dinner Update


The Club continues to be forced to cancel scheduled events due to forces beyond our control; first it was COVID-19 and now it is the weather.

The torrential rains that we recently experienced forced us to cancel the Year End Dinner (YED) that was originally scheduled for November 20, 2021. The rainstorm created severe flooding. The flooding washed out roads and rail lines, seriously disrupting our transportation system.

The damaged transportation system resulted in the cancellation of our restaurateur’s food deliveries and prevented twenty percent of the attendees from attending. This forced the cancellation of the dinner.

The restaurateur proposed rescheduling the dinner to December 4th. A survey of the original attendees indicated that two thirds of them were in favour of rescheduling to December 4th and one third could not make the new date.

The smaller size of our revised party and the weather forecast calling for continued rainstorms through the first week of December forced the Club to cancel the YED for this calendar year.

As there was enough interest from the original attendees to reschedule, a proposal was made to hold our YED in the new year. This proposal would:

  • Prevent the Club from missing our YED two years in a row,
  • Allow members enough time to arrange their schedules to attend,
  • Avoid the potential scheduling conflicts that the upcoming Christmas Holiday season presents,
  • Grant the opportunity to members that could not make the original date to attend,
  • Presents the chance that the COVID-19 restrictions prescribed by the Province’s Public Health Officer will be eased allowing us to freely socialize at the event,
  • Hopefully provide enough time that the COVID-19 related border restrictions imposed by the Canadian Government would be relaxed enough that out American members could join us.

Currently the suggested date to host our YED in the new year is February 5, 2022. The Club will survey the membership the first week of January 2022 to determine if there is enough interest in attending before reorganizing the event.


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