2021 Member Accomplishments

Member accomplishments that are normally acknowledged at our Year End Dinner did not take place due to the cancellation of this year’s dinner. We would like to acknowledge our Cruising Mile Award entrants and member boats that have earned fleet stars in 2021.


The Cruising Miles Award was established to promote the use of cruising logbooks. Entrants submit the distances travelled, departure port, and destination ports that were logged in their logbooks. The boat with the most cruising miles wins one free year’s MYCBC dues.  All other entries are put into a draw for a one  year subscription to Pacific Yachting Magazine.

The 2021 Cruising Miles Award goes to Harmony.

Saymomore, Sunbird, Windchime, and Zephyr go into the draw for the Pacific Yachting Magazine subscription. The draw for the subscription will take place at the deferred Year End Dinner that is currently proposed to take place in early February. If the dinner does not take place the draw will be completed at our first Club Night in 2022.

The 2021 entry breakdown was:

Entrant Boat Name Cruising Mileage Total Longest Trip Trip Count Average Trip Distance
Harmony 1479.00 Nm 68.00 Nm 97 15.25 Nm
Saynomore 928.70 Nm 660.00 Nm 8 116.09 Nm
Sunbird 285.00 Nm 40.00 Nm 15 19.00 Nm
Windchime 193.90 Nm 31.40 Nm 7 27.70 Nm
Zephyr 192.00 Nm 50.00 Nm 9 21.33 Nm

Fleet Stars

Fleet Stars acknowledge and identify member boats that have belonged to the club for at least five years. Member boats receive an additional star for each 5 additional years they remain a member.

The following fleet stars were awarded in 2021:

Dee-Seas 25 Year
Nautimoments 20 Year
Windspiration 10 Year
Gemini 10 Year
Teacher’s Pet 5 Year
Half Fast 5 Year
Blew Bayou 5 Year
The Highlander III 5 Year
Ganamaga Photon 5 Year

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