2021-08-04 Summer Update

14 boats attended the July 1st Commodore’s Cruise to Ganges Marina.
This was the first Club Cruise in over a year and it was great to see everyone out on the water again.
Teacher’s Pet Aerwyna Marrimac Jannetje Gemini
Rapture Harmony Mover Yemaja Windchime
2Wish’N Windspiration MistaSea Zephyr
Thanks Heather for organizing the Pizza Dinner

15 boats attended the the Aug 1st Past Commodore’s Cruise to Otter Bay.

Aerwyna Windchime Gemini Business Saynomore
2Wish’n Heaven Sent Windspiration Kensea Mover
MistASea NautiMoments Harmony Rapture Zephyr

This was our First Past Commodore’s Cruise and we were lucky to have 4 of our Past Commodores in attendance. Special thank you to Michael for arranging to have the Pender Island Pipe Band available to Pipe our Past Commodores and long time Rear Commodore into the Saturday Happy/Appy Hour.

Past Commodores
Darry Major, Steve St Amour, Ken Downes and Mike Brosser
Rear Commodore
Peter Rodenburgh
Watch your email and this space for updates on our next Cruise September 4-6

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