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The 2019-03-08 Minutes can be found under the Resources/Downloads Tab.
  1. NAUTICAL KNOTS OF THE NIGHT  – Clove Hitch / Round Turn & Two Half Hitches
    1. Thanks Darry. Everyone had fun roping their chairs as they learned and reviewed these useful Knots
  2. Club Cruise Itineraries Are now online HERE
  3. Year End Dinner and Awards Night Locations and costs will be presented at April Club Night
  4. TOOL LIBRARY – The Boat Hoist and Rig Tensioning Kit have been booked but there are still a lot of times available. Book soon if you want to borrow these Tool Kits. Information HERE
  5. MYCBC LOGBOOKS – 2 variations were presented and ordering information will be available online soon
  6. MYCBC 2019 Hat Ordering information and pictures will be available online soon
  7. The Presentation – “MYCBC – Docking 2019” Thanks Darry for the great Presentation AVAILABLE ONLINE HERE



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