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Welcome to MYCBC


Highlights of March Club Night

All the info you need to keep track of MYCBC activities can be found under the Resources Tab above. Look in the Downloads Folder for Club Night Minutes, Cruise Itineraries, Calendar of Events and More.

Another great Club Night happened on March 9. Thanks to the members who attended and all the great decisions they helped make. A Special thank you to Past Commodore and Education Officer Darry for the great presentation helping everyone with their UNDERSTANDING of WEATHER. His powerpoint presentation can be found under the Resources Tab/ Downloads/ Club Night Presentations.

Most of the comments on the new location at Ricky’s All Day Grill in Walnut Grove were positive. We still need to work out some details with our projector and screen but now we know what to expect. There will be one  more change for the April 13 Club Night. The restaurant closes at 9:00 (like the old ABC did) and it is important that we have all our bills paid and are out of the building by then. In order to ensure we get everything done the Meeting will now be starting at 6:00 followed by the presentation at 7:00 so we can be finished by 8:30. This should give us ample time for a few conversations, paying of bills and leaving by 9:00. Hopefully these new times will work for everyone and we can maintain the format of our Club Nights.



Thanks to Vice Commodore Rob for running a great meeting and Ron for multi tasking as Treasurer, Membership Captain and Secretary. The minutes are available under the Resources/Downloads tab above. The Presentation Outboard Motor Maintenance and Repair is also available under the Resources/Downloads/Club Night Presentations tab above. Thanks Andy for another awesome presentation.

Remember to keep posting to the Water Mactivities Club and Member Cruises that you will be attending. Check out the $10 Early Posting Reward available on some of our Cruises This year.


Immediate Past Commodore Darry is excited to report Windchime can now leave and return to Crescent Beach Marina without having to report to Canada Border Services every time!

New Reporting Exemptions

The reporting requirements for private boaters have changed. You no longer need to report to the CBSA if you meet the reporting exemptions detailed below.

Reporting Exemptions

If you are visiting Canada, you are not required to report to the CBSA if you:

  • do not land on Canadian soil and do not anchor, moor or make contact with another conveyance while in Canadian waters, and
  • do not embark or disembark people or goods in Canada.

If you are returning to Canada, you are not required to report to the CBSA if you:

  • did not land outside Canada and did not anchor, moor or make contact with another conveyance while outside of Canadian waters, and
  • did not embark or disembark any people or goods while outside Canada.

Darry explains it used to be law that every time you enter Canada you were required to report. Even if you had left Canadian waters for a short time “in transit” and did not ground your boat or come along side another vessel, drop off or take on passengers or goods.

Not sure how many people this affected, but it really affected me leaving Crescent Beach, as this port is border locked in Boundary Bay, every time you leave or return from Crescent Beach you have to go through US waters and were required by law to report to Canada customs every time.

This now means you can leave Crescent Beach and go to the Gulf Islands without reporting to customs, even though you transit through US waters. Yay!



So long 2017, a great 25th year, and welcome 2018

As 2017 comes to a close I would like to thank all our members for making our 25th year the best ever! I hope you are looking forward to 2018 as much as I am. Start your planning now with:

Our newer members should consider signing up for our Spring MacFoulie here. No where else can you get a day of sailing and MacGregor specific instruction … for free.

Check out the Club Cruises under the WATER MACTIVITIES Tab above to start planning to attend the 2018 Club Cruises.

Check out the suggested Members Cruises also listed under the WATER MACTIVITIES tab to see where some of our members are cruising this year. You can post if you are interested in joining them.

The Presentation Topics and dates for our Club Nights are posted under the CLUBNIGHT MACTIVITIES tab. Note that we have a new location for our Club Nights.



To encourage Members to post their Sail Plans for Club Cruises as early as possible, the Club is offering a $10 Early Bird Prize to the first 10 members to post a sail plan for MacRendezvous, Commodore’s Cruise, Rear Commodore’s Cruise and Sucia Raft-Up. The Sail Plan must include the Location, Date and Time they are departing for the Cruise Destination, Tide Gate information and a plan for after the Cruise either returning or continuing on to other locations. The $10 prize will be awarded at the Cruise location to the first 10 members who posted their plans online. Only those members who posted their plans online and arrived at the Cruise are eligible for the prize.

It is hoped that the early posting of Sail Plans will encourage all our members, especially new members, to create their own sail plan or find other members to “buddy-boat” with.

The Club Cruises will be available under the Water MacTivities tab on Sunday December 3 at 1800 for members to begin posting their Sail Plans




Tug Boat Annies Pub and Grille



Committee Boat Skipper Ron Presenting to Winning Skipper Paul of White Falcon



Commodore Rick Presenting Cruising Miles Award to Skipper Steve of Saynomore 1224 Nautical Miles

The full story of the evening can be found under the Club Night Mactivities/Nov 18 Year End Dinner tab.



It is time to plan our CLUB NIGHT PRESENTATIONS for 2018. These presentations at each of our Club Nights in February, March, April, May and September add an Educational and Entertainment component to our monthly meetings. We already have some suggestions but are looking for more. Use the RED button on the left to send your suggestion directly to the Commodore or add it to the discussion in the Forum on the left. All the suggestions will be posted in a Web Poll in December for members to vote for their favourites. Some of the suggestions so far include:

Fly Tying Line whipping
Weather Forecasting VHF Refresher
Anchoring techniques and concerns Winterizing/ Commissioning
Towing Boats and Dinghys Stern tie techniques and equipment
Outboard motor servicing and repairs Tide and Current concerns – how to cruise safely
Boat Balance – How to sail properly Mods and Boat Storage
Logbooks Securing for the night
Night Sailing




The minutes of the meeting are available HERE 2017-10-21 AGM Minutes Check out the dates and locations of next year’s Club Cruises and Club Nights. Thanks to last year’s Bridge for the great work and welcome to our new Vice Commodore Roberto Jack and new Club Photographer Ken Pool. Thank you to everyone else for continuing in your positions.


You have 9 days left to submit your 2017 Cruising Miles to the Commodore in order to be eligible for the draw for free dues. DEADLINE OCTOBER 31. It doesn’t matter if you cruised 5 miles or 1000 miles this year. Just get out your log book and fill in the mileage on the CRUISING MILES AWARD ENTRY FORM and send it to the Commodore. Details on the Cruising Miles Award sponsored by Pacific Yachting Magazine can be found HERE.

Saturday November 18
5:30 start Dinner at 6:30
TugBoat Annies Pub and Grille
6911 Graybar Rd,Richmond

WE still have tickets left for this event. You must order your tickets by OCTOBER 31 or you will miss out on this event. INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND HERE.