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    July 23 - July 29
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    Welcome to MYCBC



    Congratulations to Paul and crew of Bad Kitty for their 3rd place finish in the R2AK 2017. Many of our members followed along on the race tracker and enjoyed the updates. https://r2ak.com


    Union Steamship Company Marina, Bowen Island

    Details of the event and those attending can be found in Water MacTivities/MacRendezvous. Everyone enjoyed the Dogs and Chips BBQ, Commodore’s Pancake Breakfast, Workshops, “High” Tea and Appies on the dock, and the Potluck featuring the 25 year Celebration Cake. Special thanks to our many Club Partners for the many donated door prizes. We are booked for 2018, June 1-3.


    Details of the event and those attending can be found in Water MacTivities/Commodore’s Cruise. 20 MacGregor boats rafted on the Causeway Dock in front of the Legislature were in the middle of all the action to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday. Look for the MYCBC hats in the Coast Capital Savings Record setting “Living Flag” picture.



    Event details have been updated at Water MacTivities/Rear Commodore’s Cruise. Note the Itinerary includes a MYCBC Potluck on the Saturday Night and Riding the Famous Yellow Bus to the Hummingbird Pub for dinner on Sunday. Post your plans if you are attending so we know who to expect.


    Put this event on your calendar and plan to attend. Details will be coming soon.



    12 Boats attended the Regatta this year. Friday featured a lot of rigging and launching followed by Shopping for supplies, an IPA run and a Mexican Dinner for some. Saturday featured the Safety Sail with Emergency Anchoring, Reefing and Crew Over Board practice. All boats completed the exercise including the new Confirmation Codes to practice our VHF skills and Phonetic Alphabet. Thanks Safety Officer Paul for setting this up and Ron and the Crew of Gemini for acting as the Committee Boat. The Docking for Women by Women workshop had the gals practicing their new safer and easier docking procedures. Thanks Cheryl of Blue Water Yachts for the presentation. Thanks to Paul for the presentation on the Vic/Maui Race after the Potluck dinner.

    Instructions for the Safety Sail

    Sunday was the Regatta with 10 boats rounding the course twice. The winners will be announced at the Year End Dinner and Award Night in November. Thanks to Energetic and Mover for setting out the Markers and Zephyr for being the Committee Boat. Thanks to Darren and Mike for their presentation on chartering in the British Virgin Island this spring.

    Shouldn’t they all be going in the same direction?

    Thanks Paul for the Sunday morning entertainment as he used a Bosun’s Chair to repair a jammed halyard block at the top of Zephyr’s Mast.

    If it was a Mac, you could just lower the mast




    Highlights of the May 12 Club Night

    Another great Club Night featuring many important decisions and followed by an Inspiring presentation on Motor Sailing. The MINUTES ARE POSTED HERE. Check them out for updates on next Weekend’s Regatta, the Workshop topic and schedule for MacRendezvous, changes to the focus of the Rear Commodore’s Cruise, Location and Menu for the Year End Dinner and Awards Night and more fun stuff. The MOTOR SAILING PRESENTATION  IS POSTED HERE

    Commodore Rick bragged about all the money he has saved so far this year with his $35 membership

    Renewing Pacific Yachting Subscription                    $18
    Discount on 2 Dreamspeaker Cruising Guides           $36
    Free Night’s Moorage at Blaine Regatta                      $20 (US)

    and he hasn’t even taken advantage of Club Discounts at Steveston Marine, LFS (Belllingham) or Cabellas OR started winning all the great door prizes at MacRendezvous and the Year End Dinner and Awards Night

    How could anybody afford NOT to be a MYCBC Member


    Even if you can’t get your boat there, drop in for the day and go for a sail on somebody else’s boat.


    Highlights of April 7 Club Night

    With 60 member boats and only 40 of them residing within 2 hours of the Lower Mainland we are very pleased to have almost half of our local members show up for our Club Nights. We are proud to have such an active membership. The Minutes of the meeting have been posted in Resources/Downloads.

    Highlights Include:

    1. Confirmation of the Blaine Regatta Itinerary including:
      1. Safety Sail Saturday and Regatta/Performance Sail Sunday
      2. Vic/Maui 2016 Race and BVI Chartering presentations after the potlucks Saturday and Sunday
      3. Practical Docking for Women by Women Presentation
      4. Border Dance and US Cruising License Activity
    2. Itinerary for 25th Anniversary Celebration at Bowen MacRendezvous Including 25 Anniversary Hats and Toques (Pictures and ordering info will be posted soon)
    3. Group Purchase of Dreamspeaker Cruising Guide Books Found in Forums/Members/Buy and Sell
    4. PASSAGE PLANNING FOR VICTORIA AND BEYOND PRESENTATION (Posted under Resources/Downloads/Club Night Presentations)


    Highlights of the March Club Night

    Thirteen member boats were represented at the meeting.  The minutes of the meeting are posted in Resources. It looks like our membership is increasing but we still have 20 members who need to renew by the end of the month. We have room for 1 more participant in the Open Water MacFoulie in English Bay March 18. If you are interested send an email to Vice Commodore Darry using the contact us form under the About Us tab on the website. The April 1 Spring Near Shore MacFoulie is full.

    Plans are coming together for the Blaine Regatta May 19-22. Safety Sail featuring practice in emergency anchoring, reefing and crew overboard drills will happen Saturday. If you haven’t practiced these before, come on down and crew on one of the member boats to learn how it is done. A special treat Saturday will be the Practice Docking for Women by Women lead by Cheryl of Blue Water Yachts. No men allowed! Paul will be presenting a slide show and talk on his experience on the Vic-Maui Race last year after the Saturday Potluck. Sunday will be the Regatta Performance Sail. Come out and measure your skills navigating the the markers in Semiahmoo Bay.

    Gail and Elizabeth will be investigating a more “Nautical” location for our Year End Dinner and Awards night. They will have the details for the April Club Night. Remember the Club Night date has changed to Friday April 7.

    The Club voted to end our support for the Georgia Straight Alliance. Although our individual members are encouraged to support GSA or other groups and the good things they represent, it was felt the club should not be endorsing any groups involved in political issues.

    The Apps, Programs and websites for MacSailors is now posted in the Club Night Presentations Folder. Thanks to all who contributed their favourites. It was suggested we start a forum post to get even more input.


    Our 25th Season has officially begun. The minutes of the February Club Night can be found under the Resource/Downloads tab. Everyone should note the one big change. April Club Night has been moved to April 7 to avoid Good Friday. Please make the change on your calendar.

    Thanks Andy for the great presentation on MacGregor Sailing Provisioning. It has been posted Under the Resources/Downloads/Club Night Presentation tab. If you missed it…. check it out. Lots of great information.


    MYCBC 25th Anniversary Celebration

    MacRendezvous, June 2-4, 2017
    Union Steamship Company Marina,
    Snug Harbour, Bowen Island

    Past Commodore Steve is well underway planning this event. He would like to thank everyone who has contributed suggestions. We are inviting all MacGregor Owners and past MYCBC members to join us for this celebration. Members please post on the website and non-members contact Steve by clicking the yellow 25 Year Celebration button to the top left of this post. Highlights so far will be the wine and cheese in the Tower on Friday Evening, Pancake Breakfast Saturday followed by 2 workshops, lunch, maybe a sail or hike and then 4:00 Tea (Long Island Iced or regular) & snacks on the dock to socialize and visit boats and finally Pot Luck in the Park (beside the marina). Send your ideas to Steve and let us know who is coming.